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Leaf Sweeping 2023

We will be sweeping the Hill on:

Tuesday, 5th December.

Please do not blow the leaves from your verges into the road, this will be done by contractors on Monday 4th. The order of sweeping will be:

Sleepers Hill south side

George Eyston Drive

Sleepers Hill north side

To achieve the above and depending on the volume of leaves, we anticipate three 2 hour sessions of the sweeper. As the arisings are dumped in Fareham (don’t ask) it may not be possible to complete 3 sweepings in a day. In which case the job will be completed on the Wednesday.

Could you please ensure that there is no parking on the hill on the day as any obstructions greatly hinder the sweeping.

If there is a large quantity of compacted leaves in the gutters, the sweeper has to make several passes to clear them. This uses up valuable time in our 2 hour slot. When this has been the case in the past, we have  used volunteers to loosen the debris with shovels so that the vehicle may remove them in one pass. We will inspect the road over the weekend and if necessary, ask for volunteers to help with this operation on Tuesday morning.

Sleepers Hill Gardens and Dawn Gardens are not included as they are adopted and thus the responsibility of the Council. However, if on completion of the above there is time left and space in the vehicle, we may be able to sweep SHG.

We will only be clearing leaves from the verges on the south side as that is the only continuous pedestrian walkway.

Please note that we will not be sweeping individual driveways.

Steve Osborne
28th November 2023