Condition of Trees on Sleepers Hill

After the recent storms, we are aware of at least one instance on Sleepers Hill where property has been damaged by fallen branches. Whilst responsibility for tree condition/maintenance lies outside the remit of the Association, we feel it is timely to remind residents of the need to ensure their trees are not hazardous. Many of the trees on the Hill are over-mature and thus could become dangerous; we therefore recommend that owners have trees on their property inspected periodically and carry out any necessary remedial work to reduce the potential hazard of future weather events.

Proposed Student Accommodation – Milnthorpe Lane

There are preliminary discussions going on to build a 600 bed student development on land at the end of Milnthorpe Lane. The proposal is to demolish 4 properties (Redwoods, Langton House, Wellwood and Lommedal ) to achieve this. Several houses at the bottom of the Hill on the north side share a boundary with the proposed site.

A formal Planning Application is expected in April, details of which I will post on the website. Meanwhile if you would like to be copied-in to all future correspondence, please contact Jane Penty on <>