Parking & Frontages


Sleepers Hill is a private road. Parking on Sleepers Hill, George Eyston Drive and the small side-roads is for residents and bona-fide visitors only.

We rely on residents to monitor the situation on the roadway outside their properties and to identify any unwanted or dangerous parking. Where a problem is identified, we ask residents to bring the matter to the attention of the vehicle driver or attach a note to the windscreen, explaining that the vehicle is parked on private land and request that it be removed. If there is a problem with a persistent offender, please let your local SHA committee member know.

To date, it has not been necessary to introduce a formal control of parking. We keep this situation under close review. We have the power to appoint  an authorised agent, which has the necessary powers to issue parking tickets, should this prove necessary.


In general roadside posting should be avoided as it hampers pedestrians walking up and down the hill. However, where verges need protecting it is recommended that we all try and take the same approach. We ask that residents leave 4 ft between each post and position them as close to the road as possible to allow for pedestrians to walk on the verge